Laurie’s cabin is the best place to “be”. Complete peace. Sitting on the deck looking out on the Rifle River down below with tons of trees – like living in a beautiful forest. All you hear is birds playing their symphony. A very slight breeze hopefully keeps the bugs at bay. That and generous doses of flying insect killer, torches and OFF! Deep Woods repellent. An occasional lawn mower revs up to break nature’s cacophony. Then, before you know it, it’s gone and you’re back to the peaceful sound of nature.

I love coming out on the deck first thing in the morning – my coffee and journal. It’s an automatic and easy thing to do because I am in my element – nature. The beauty, peacefulness and coolness of it. It’s a beautiful 71 degrees and sunny with a high expected at 78 and lows of 6 for the rest of my stay here at Casa Spoon. I am eternally grateful for everything this woman brings into my life, from unyielding and eternal friendship and sisterhood since the beginning of our time on earth. I must have missed her something awful those first 2 ½ weeks of my life, waiting for her to be born. There are no witnesses alive to confirm this, but I know it in my heart.

From smoking my first cigarette to stealing Captain Crunch cereal samples out of mailboxes, her influence has been strong and at times relentless, but only when I’ve needed it. We’ve watched complete movies while on the phone together and cried our eyes out, even when Lionel told us at the end of Madam X, when Lana Turner dies, that she gets up from her deathbed, collects her big paycheck so we should stop crying.

Her mother was my “real” mother and I her 2nd daughter. I followed her out to Phoenix after college. She let us stay with her but only gave us three days to find a place to live before she was going to kick us out. That woman had great boundaries. I loved her to the end and miss her always. Aside from giving me the mothering I desperately needed, she gave me the best gift of my life – Laurie Beth Spoon, who in turn gave me the best gift by naming me god mother to her daughter Alicia Nicole, the love of my life.

I’ve had the thrill to live vicariously via the crazy Spoon antics through three husbands, two countries, several states and countless adventures that enrich my life by just being a bystander. Now, to get to stay in this beautiful peaceful cabin on the lake in Northern Michigan even before she has set foot in it. I can’t wait for her to get here in September and see what I see, smell what I smell and enjoy the peace and tranquility of this place.

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